The Journey Begins

I’ve been what you could call a “photography nerd” for over a decade now. When I was a teenager, I started experimenting with a small (and very basic) digital camera. Shortly afterwards I created a nature photography blog to showcase my work. Eventually I began entering local photography competitions and became the official photographer at events hosted by friends and family.

Despite this longstanding interest, I’ve never gone professional with photography. I’m currently working in Sydney as a computer systems engineer, while photography has always remained a hobby. In recent years I’ve spent very little time taking photos. I’ve also put little effort into cataloguing or post-production of my images – even when I do go for the occasional photowalk, or travel shoot.

I’m starting this site for a few reasons. Firstly, to reclaim my passion for photography. Secondly, to learn to transform this passion into a profitable business in its own right. And thirdly, to connect with the wider photography community to share and learn from others who are in a similar position.

So, welcome to the site! Here I’ll walk through every stage of turning photography from a hobby into a standalone business. Whether you’re considering starting your own photography business, becoming a digital nomad, or just want to get more serious about your hobby – I hope you can join me on this journey.